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Valentine’s Day Wishes & Images

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide to express love and affection towards those who hold a special place in our hearts. While many celebrate this day with their current partners, some might find themselves thinking about an ex-girlfriend. If you’re in this situation, here are some Valentine’s messages that you can use to reach out to your ex-girlfriend and let her know that she still holds a special place in your heart.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex-Lover

Here are some sweet and cute ways to wish your ex-love a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sentimental Valentines Day Wishes For Your Ex
Sentimental Valentines Day Wishes For Your Ex
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I want you to know that I wish you’ll have all manners of joy this day and beyond.
  • I never imagined that we would go from being lovers to being ex-lovers; life is really full of surprises. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I’m glad we got to create a love story together even though it ended abruptly. I’ll forever cherish those memories. May you have a wonderful day.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day and I want today to be the day we both forgive each other for our past. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • It was easy to love you but, I failed in keeping you and I regret that. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
  • We shouldn’t blame ourselves for our relationship ending. I guess life has other plans for us. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Even though you hurt me, I still miss those special times we spent together. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The memories we made together would never fade, I’ll always remember them and keep them close to my heart. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Even though you broke my heart, I never stopped loving you, and don’t worry I’ve mended my broken heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Our love story was not the best, it had its weakness, but it was one of my favorites. Happy Valentine’s Day. Warm wishes to you.
  • They say time heals all things and I hope it has healed you because that’s the only wish I have for this Valentine’s.
  • Life brought lots of surprises my way, and you were one of them, I really wanted us to last. Happy Valentine.
  • I know I broke the promises I made to you and I know you never want to hear from me again, but I couldn’t stay and not wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I really miss those years when you were my Valentine; you would always be the greatest gift the world gave me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The biggest thing in life is to move through it without holding a grudge, I’m glad you’re still free with me. Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it a lot.
  • It’s another Valentine’s Day today, and the joy is still there, but there’s a feeling of emotional emptiness because you aren’t here. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are a great man and I know you will make a very lucky lady happy, glad I met you in this lifetime, hope not to meet you in the next, and happy valentine’s.
  • I wish we lasted forever, but I guess forever is short-lived, Happy Valentine’s Day, you remind me of what’s good in the world.
  • There was no doubt that we had a future together, it was all set, and it looked brilliant. But our ship was wrecked. I won’t be able to forget you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I don’t want you back, I don’t want to hate you forever, I send out my valentine’s message with peace, harmony, and a sincere wish. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.
  • It hurt when you left me, but you did what was right for you; enjoy this valentine’s and every other that comes your way. I will never forget you!
  • Never in my wildest dream would I have thought to call someone I love so much an Ex. It’s so hurting that I now call you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • There is no better story than the love story of someone you so much cherish. I’m glad I had that story with you even though it ended fast. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The volume of love I had for you was enormous and unquantifiable. Thanks for giving me something good to always remember. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Loving you was hard, but leaving was easy, I wish fate had some other plans for us, but I guess I have to accept and move on, I hope you have too. Enjoy your Valentine.
  • Memories of you will never fade from my mind, you gave me the best moment of my life and I only wish I did the same. Happy Valentines!
  • Today I cherish all the Valentine’s Day memories we shared together. I truly missed how we used to play and buy each other gifts. Wonderful and lovely wishes to you.
  • Loving you was easy, but keeping you was hard, I wonder how far we’d be if you never had to leave. Wishing you a fun-filled Valentine’s.
  • The only thing that separates us from being together is a two-letter word “ex” but I hope we can put that word aside and enjoy today like never before. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Sometimes we love and we lose, but sometimes in loving, we find a new meaning to what a relationship is. Glad we are still friends. Happy Valentines.
  • A better tomorrow is all I wish for you, I hope you’ll look away from all that you’ve been through and appreciate the greatness to come. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I hope you won’t focus on your problem today, but focus on things that bring you joy and pleasure. Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it.
  • Every challenge brings about a very sweet victory when overcome. I hope you’ll move on from this breakup. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Love. Remain blessed.
  • You may have hurt me so much, but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you or caring. I wish you a fun filled valentine, for we were friends before we were exes.

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Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Boyfriend: Send Valentine’s message to your ex-boyfriend to show him that You are past you two being together and that you wish him the best as he celebrates with his new profound love. Sometimes we love and lose, but we lose for the right reasons. An ex is a special person because they are the past mistakes or blessing you passed through, so celebrate this valentine’s hearty without any bad feelings or grudges with your past by sending him one of these Valentine’s Day messages.

Personalized Valentines Day Messages For Your Ex
Personalized Valentines Day Messages For Your Ex
  • I hope this day is as exciting for you as it is for me ex-boyfriend, may today open the door to love you’ve shut for a long while now. Happy Valentines!
  • I loved you, but I guess she loved you more ex-boyfriend, I hope you two are happy together celebrating this valentine, you truly deserve each other.
  • The most painful experience I have ever had in my entire life is losing you. But I won’t let go even if I can’t have you back. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I hope this valentine’s message reaches you warmly on this day, forgiving is easy, but forgetting is hard, wishing you a happy valentine’s full of love ex-boyfriend.
  • I would never have pictured you as my ex-boyfriend, but I guess fate has different plans for us, wishing you a lovely valentine.
  • I’ve never had a boyfriend who buy me gift like you always do. I guess you’re the best man to have slipped through my hands. Happy Valentine.
  • I still wish the best on you despite not being together anymore. Guys like you are unique and needed as a lover or friend.
  • I thought my life would never get better without you, but look at me now, smiling on Valentine’s Day, wishing you every bit of joy!
  • I am sorry for what I did to you, but I have also forgiven you for what you’ve did to me ex-boyfriend; wishing you a lovely valentine, hope you will make new memories.
  • I know you will find your prefect girlfriend out there, and I know you will make these valentines special for her. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You are the ex-boyfriend every girl wants, I feel happy because I know you won’t be lonely this valentine, cheers and happy valentine’s to you!
  • No matter the distance, I was willing to make it work ex-boyfriend, but it’s okay; I guess you wanted to move on so badly, wishing you a valentine full of smiles.
  • Thank you for the time and memories dear ex-boyfriend, I hope you remain strong and steadfast, you deserve a good girl. Happy Valentines!
  • Have fun on Valentine’s Day dear, my only wish is that my heart was the last one you’ll ever break.
  • They say the pen is mightier than the sword, that is why I am jotting down these lovely message to you ex-boyfriend wishing you a blessed valentine.
  • It should be of no concern to you that I’m still in love with you, it’s my decision, and you don’t have to do anything about it. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • This cord of memory can’t stop flowing into and through my mind; they were really magical moments with you. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear ex-love.
  • We shared the best moments of our lives, we danced together, played together, but now we’re no longer together. It’s saddening. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • Things can change very fast, and it’s unbelievable how far apart we’ve grown in the last few months. It could make me cry. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day ex-boyfriend, heartbreak doesn’t make me cry it only makes me miss you so much. Enjoy this day without me.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Girlfriend: Relationships can be hard sometimes, but the best part of relationships is the moments you get to share with the one you love and the memories you get to create together. Send one of these Valentine’s Day messages to your ex-girlfriend, maybe it will make things better for the two of you.

Touching Valentines Day Messages For Your Ex
Touching Valentines Day Messages For Your Ex
  • Valentines this year will be better with us being just friends ex-girlfriend, you definitely taught me lessons I’ll never forget. Have fun!
  • Although memories of us haunt me, I know it was my fault because I let you go. I hope you found a love that treats you right, have a fantastic valentine’s ex-girlfriend.
  • I could say I still love you, but I don’t, I could say I like you, but I am trying, just have a great valentine, I will definitely not miss you.
  • I know it didn’t work out between us; not because we didn’t try but because destiny had other plans for us, I am glad we are still friend’s ex-girlfriend, enjoy your valentine.
  • It’s another valentine dear ex-girlfriend, and unlike the last I spend it with someone new. I hope you found love to, happy valentines.
  • They say time is supposed to heal you, and I am glad it has healed you. Have a happy valentine ex-girlfriend, I am sorry I hurt you, and I am glad you moved on.
  • May flowers and chocolates be beautiful for you today; I hope you have an amazing valentine and that you’ll finally forgive me for not being there for you. Happy Valentine!
  • I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t nice, but I loved you dearly and that is why I let you go. Have a great valentine; I hope the tears are free from your eyes.
  • I forgave the past, but I still can’t forget it, enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend.
  • Happy Valentine to the only woman who’s ever managed to steal my heart and run away with it, I hope you have a nice time as you celebrate this day.
  • Calling you my ex-girlfriend right now is so funny when we had so much planned for our future together. Enjoy your valentines, may it bring you love.
  • I want you to be happy, to enjoy your valentine and to experience new things this valentine, always wishing you the best in everything.
  • I tried so hard to be the one you wanted, to be the one you couldn’t be without, but I guess I was just a passing glance. Enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend; I hope you hit your stop.
  • I really never knew love could hurt this bad, I missed you so many times that I forgot what this was all about. Wishing you a hearty Valentine’s Day.
  • Sometimes I wish we could go back to what we once were, but I guess things happen for a reason and this had its own reason. Have yourself an amazing valentine girl, you are missed.
  • I will never forget your goodness to me; you stood by me when no one else would. I’m happy we still being friends. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-girlfriend.
  • The one who was the angel of my life cannot now turn to be the devil I know even if we’re no longer together. Happy Valentine’s Day my ex-girlfriend.
  • Breaking up with you was one of the things I never thought I could do, but it eventually happened. But I wish you a glorious Valentine’s Day today with lots of love.
  • Have an amazing valentine ex-girlfriend if I could turn back the hand of time and would assure you that you had my heart and I would treat you like the queen I know you are.
  • Have an awesome valentine dear ex-girlfriend, you are an amazing woman and I hope we can still remain friends. Enjoy today and may you receive only the best from love.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex-Husband

Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Husband: GValentine’s Day is a special occasion to express love and affection to those who hold a special place in our hearts. Even though a marriage may have ended, it’s not uncommon to still have feelings of love and fondness for an ex-husband. If you’re thinking about your ex-husband this Valentine’s Day, here are some messages to help you express your feelings..

  • You are a great man, and you gave me the most precious gift that is our children, I wish a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Much love and respect goes to you father of my kids. It’s so hard to add the word ex referring to you. I will never forget the strength I got from you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Life with you was so beautiful until things went bad. You still hold a place in my heart as a true friend. Never forget that. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Memories made, never thought it will end this way. May you enjoy this special day in peace and love. Happy Valentine’s Day my ex-husband. Apart but still glad we are friends.
  • You may be my ex-husband, but you will always remain engraved in my heart. Wishing you every bit of joy this valentine, XOXO.
  • I might have said I do on that fateful day ex-husband, and I might have believed we will be together forever, but I will never regret the moments we spent together, happy valentines.
  • Special people always remain at heart. On this special occasion, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day humble Ex-husband. Enjoy your day to the fullest.
  • My biggest mistake was trusting that you would never break my heart; I hope I find love and that I will rejoice as we both enjoy valentines apart ex-husband.
  • Our vows are broken, but my heart will always be with the man I vowed to love forever. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Love has a way of finding us in the most unexpected of places, with the most unexpected reasons; I hope love finds you again ex-husband, Happy Valentine.
  • I have no hate for you ex-husband; after all, you fathered the most amazing kids ever. I hope you live long to enjoy each and every valentine as it comes.
  • Hey! How are the kids. I know they are better off with you than they were with me. I miss you guys so much. Just want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my Ex-husband. You are the best dad I have ever seen. You are still responsible in your own special ways. Just want to wish you a pleasant day.
  • Enjoy valentine’s ex-husband and don’t forget to send your love to our kids, they think of you often.
  • I have been hurt by you, but also I have had some of my best days with you, I hope Valentine will be better without my constant nagging.
  • We were never made to be apart, but the Lord knows why it had to happen like this, I will always wish you the best ex-husband, enjoy each and every valentine.
  • You are more of a lesson, an experience and the reason I have someone to live for (referring to our child), enjoy your valentine, may all be well with you.
  • Many of the bad memories have faded, but I still have the good ones tucked away safely, that is where the strength I have comes from to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Special moments like this were never missed by you. Same way I will never forget to wish you something beautiful. May you have a decent, loving, and a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Life is sometimes not fair but always thankful and grateful that I had a chance to spend sometimes with you. Wishing you happiness, joy and love this valentine.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex-Wife

Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Wife: Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to express love and affection to those who hold a special place in our hearts. Even though a marriage may have ended, it’s not uncommon to still have feelings of love and fondness for an ex-wife. If you’re thinking about your ex-wife this Valentine’s Day, here are some wishes to help you express your feelings.

  • Ours forever was short-lived, but you still remain to be a big part of my life, I hope you enjoy your valentine’s and all the good it will bring your ex-wife.
  • I feel very empty because I am not used to being alone on such a special day like this. Never forget how sweet and adorable you are. Warm wishes on this Valentine’s Day to you.
  • I am glad we could remain friends after the divorce; I see you’ve already moved on, and I wish you nothing but the best with your new love this valentines.
  • I wish I still wanted you as I used to be an ex-wife, but I will always respect the mother of my kids. Enjoy this valentine’s with your new profound love.
  • I will never forget the strength I got from you, but now, I hope you are strong enough to enjoy this valentine’s with no bitterness in your heart.
  • You will always be the woman who gave me the best gift in this world, I hope you found love my ex-wife; the kids send their love and wish you the best during this special time.
  • Each day I got to spend with you is a day I’ll never take back, I am glad we had the best and the worst times together. Have a lovely valentine.
  • No one can feel the emptiness you left behind in my heart. Everything disappeared in a blink of an eye. Your love still remains intact. Just want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day ex-wife.
  • We may be fresh on my mind, I may miss you at times, but the divorce was definitely the best part of us. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I have forgiven, but forgetting takes a little more time, enjoy this valentine ex-wife, I hope your decision was the best for you.
  • You will always be the one I won’t forget, have a happy and amazing valentine ex-wife; you are still a gem in my eyes.
  • I hope your valentine won’t be dull ex-wife, I will still send out the roses and chocolate. Enjoy your special day with those who mean the world to you. Wishing you the best!
  • We were to grow old and gray together, now we are growing old, apart and bitter at each other, I hope this valentine will be the beginning of something new ex-wife, enjoy.
  • How can I forget your kindness towards me. With your strong character you stood boldly by me when no one else did. I true appreciate your efforts. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-wife! Thanks so much for your time with the kids. It means much to me and them. They know they have a good and a loving mom in you. Have a beautiful day.
  • I am glad we are far from each other, I miss the house, but mostly I miss the kids and all the fun they would bring each valentine. Just tell them I miss them, please.
  • Thank you for sharing a part of you with me, I promise to always keep it safe even as we grow more apart. Have a cheerful valentine ex-wife.
  • I loved being your husband, I loved being able to kiss you and bring you chocolates and roses each valentine, I know we may be apart, but I miss you!
  • You are my ex-wife, the woman, I married and had kids with, and I wish you have a fantastic valentine, full of love and cheer.
  • May this valentine remind you of all the good times we had and may it also wipe them away, so you can create new and beautiful memories with the one you currently love.

Valentine’s Day Wishes from Broken Heart

Here are some Valentine’s Day Messages for ex from a broken heart.

  • My heart will forever ache, but it will never stop wishing you an unforgettable day. I hope you finally find your love this valentine my ex-love, may she make you happy.
  • I am at peace, I hope you are too, enjoy your valentine with the ones you truly love, I will send out a special request for you ex-love, that your heart may be warmer than it is.
  • They say forgive and forget, but they forget how hard it is to actually forget, I have forgiven you, but I need some time to forget, in the meantime enjoy valentines.
  • I will never forget you, I will only hold on to the sweet memories of what was ex-love, I hope you do the same this valentine. Enjoy your day with your special someone.
  • Do well, have fun and fall in love dear, these are my wishes for you on this valentine, that you may spend it with those you love.
  • Have a great Valentine Day, we might not be together, but you will always live on in me. I am always thinking of you and what we could have been.
  • I am glad I lived with you, got to know you, and shared the moments we did, but I have newer moments better than what we had, enjoy your valentine’s.
  • May love find you and may it stick with you throughout this lifetime and the next. Happy Valentines!
  • Nothing you do or say will ever make me want to get back to you, so enjoy your valentine and I hope you find someone better.
  • You will definitely make a lucky girl happy, but you will also break her heart millions of times, I wish you all the best this valentine, my ex-boyfriend.
  • I could forgive you easily, but I could never forget what you did, I don’t want to rehash those moments, but I really pray you to get what you deserve this valentine’s.
  • You have been my biggest bump on the road; I never knew loving someone so much would hurt in the end. I am glad we are separated. Enjoy your valentine!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I want you to know that I’m still the same person you longed to kiss that time. I hope to still have you.
  • I still hold you in high regard, and I know you will do the right thing for the one you love this valentine’s.
  • I loved you because you were a woman who made the best out of me, I still love you and hold you in high regard, enjoy your valentine.

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Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex-Love

Here are some cute Happy Valentine’s Day wishes and messages for ex.

Emotional Valentines Day Words For Your Ex
Emotional Valentines Day Words For Your Ex
  • I will never forget you, you took everything that was good in me and turned it into something better. Thank you for gracing my life and Happy Valentine’s.
  • It’s so weird and unbelievable that you could leave someone like me; but it’s ok, I keep no grudge. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I hope you find someone new, and I hope they treat you better than I ever did ex, have a grand valentine, and may love be your guiding force throughout.
  • It is another fantastic Valentine’s Day. I hope you found love again after our breakup, any girl that got you found a rare gem just as I once did.
  • I know we hurt each other pretty badly, but I’ll make the first step and say I am sorry, and I hope you’ll enjoy your valentine, you deserve better.
  • I know you made the right choice to move on in life. Nothing matters to me much more than your happiness. I have been thinking about you even though we are exes. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Our life together was an amazing one, but fate had another plan for our happiness. You still hold a special place in my heart and on this marvelous occasion, I say Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The pain grows worse sometimes, but I found a new way to hate you a little less. You will always be the ex I will miss on Valentine’s Day. Cheers!
  • We may be miles apart, but I still think of you and all the times we had, wishing you a blessed and Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I am not asking you to come back, I am asking you to move on, have fun and enjoy valentine’s with the one you’d like to. Have a blessed valentine’s.
  • I can still feel the pain like it was just yesterday. But I hold no grudges against you. Your happiness means much to me. I wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day.
  • I want you to know that my love for you was very true and sincere, but something I can’t say caused our breakup. I still love you anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • To the one-time king of my life, I really wish you had Reign forever in my kingdom. But I know God knows best. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • May this valentine’s bring new love your way, I am sorry I wasn’t the person you wanted to be with, but I am glad you have time to move on dear ex.
  • May this valentine’s give you more reasons to smile, you will never be an ex to me, you are a lesson I had to learn and grow from. Thank you and have a hearty time.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Love

Many more Valentine’s Day messages and cute wishes.

  • I am glad we went our separate ways, for now, we have a chance to meet and make other people happy this valentines.
  • We said our goodbyes, but I felt like it was a new hello on different ends, wishing you an unforgettable valentine’s.
  • We almost made it, but fate had other plans ex-husband, may this valentine’s be a new start for you, and may it give you happiness.
  • I am glad after all this we remained friends, you are an important part of my being since you gave me something to live for. Enjoy this day.
  • Always thankful and grateful that I got a chance to know an amazing woman such as yourself, wishing you happiness, joy, and love this valentines.
  • Knowing you were a blessing, and dating you was a mistake; I am glad we are friends; enjoy your valentine’s with a heart warm and full of love.
  • Valentines will never be the same without you by my side, I hope that wherever you are and with whoever you’re with, you’ll enjoy valentines and all the good it will bring your way.
  • I never took the time to wipe away the tears I put in your eyes, I am so sorry for that, I hope you enjoy your valentine and may the tears be washed away forever.
  • Have an amazing time as you celebrate Valentine, I miss you and hope you’ll forgive me someday.
  • Valentine’s is a day for people that love each other, just because we are apart doesn’t mean I stopped loving you. Have an awesome valentine, I’ll be thinking of you.
  • I am sorry that we did not work out; nevertheless, I still wish the best on you for Valentine’s season just as always.
  • I do not consider you as an Ex-Lover but a friend that is still close to my heart despite our separation. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
  • When I lost your ex-wife I thought I lost everything, but looking back, I am who I am now because fate helped me move past the hurt. Enjoy your valentine’s.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s so hard to not have you around, but I wish you a peaceful life. Enjoy your sweet moment.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful ex-wife in the world. Your presence is warmly missed. Enjoy this amazing day with all your heart and stay blessed in love.
  • Roses were there, and candy was expensive, but it was all for your ex-wife, and I hope to keep the tradition going. No hard feelings from my end, enjoy your valentines.
  • There are many things that I regret in life, and our breakup is up on the list. Despite the disappointment, life continues, so my love for you is on Valentine’s.
  • Is it possible for me not to still think about you, you are a very good part of my life, and we enjoy lots of moments together. Happy Valentine’s Day my ex-boyfriend.
  • Valentines will definitely be a little different without you here. I am not used to calling you my ex-husband, but I’ll have to guess. Have a fantastic valentine’s and thanks for loving me dear!
  • I may be a devil in your eyes, but you will always be the man that gave me the most amazing creatures on earth (our kids). Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with the one you love!
  • Knowing you were the best part of my life, and I am glad that even though you are my ex-husband, we are friends. Have an amazing valentine’s dear one!
  • You will always have a unique space in my heart because you were once my husband, so I implore you to have a great Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to express love and affection towards those who hold a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s a simple “Thinking of You” message or a heartfelt message of love, reaching out to your ex-girlfriend on this day can be a way to let her know that she still holds a special place in your heart. Just remember to be respectful and considerate in your message and approach, as it’s important to respect her feelings and boundaries.

Sentimental Valentines Day Wishes For Your Ex

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