Flirty Good Morning Texts: Rise and Shine with 200+ Flirty Texts

Good Morning Messages

Ah, the morning…the sun peeks through blinds, birds chirp outside, and that special someone is on your mind. But instead of reaching for the coffee, grab your phone and unleash a flirty good morning text that’ll light a fire in their heart (and maybe yours).

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Short and sweet flirty good morning texts?

  1. Good morning, gorgeous! 😊☀️
  2. Rise and shine, beautiful! 💖😘
  3. Morning, cutie! 🌼😍
  4. Hey there, sunshine! 🌞😊
  5. Good morning, sweetie! 💕😘
  6. Morning, love! 😍☕
  7. Hey you! 🌺😊
  8. Good morning, darling! 💖🌅
  9. Morning, lovely! 😘🌸
  10. Wake up, stunning! 🌞😍
  11. “Good morning, sunshine! Can’t stop thinking about you.”
  12. Morning, enchanting! ✨😊
  13. Hey sunshine! ☀️😘
  14. Good morning, sweetheart! 💕🌼
  15. Rise and shine, my joy! 😊💖
  16. Morning, captivating! 🌅😍
  17. Hey cutie pie! 🍰😘
  18. Good morning, my happiness! 😊💕
  19. Morning, irresistible! 😍🌸
  20. Hey love! 💖😘
  21. Good morning, charming! 😊🌷
Good Morning for lovely
Good Morning for lovely
good moring handsome
good moring handsome

Sending you good morning kisses

  1. Sending you a virtual kiss to start your day right! 😘 Good morning!
  2. Good morning! Imagine these emojis as morning kisses: 💋💕 Have an amazing day!
  3. Hey there! Just wanted to send a wave of morning kisses your way. 😘💖
  4. Morning, sunshine! Here’s a shower of kisses to brighten your day. 💋☀️
  5. Good morning, sweetie! Consider this text a gentle kiss on your day. 😘💕
  6. Rise and shine, love! Sending you a pocketful of morning kisses. 💋😊
  7. Morning kisses coming your way! 💋💖 Wishing you a fantastic day ahead!
  8. Good morning, cutie! Here’s a dose of morning kisses to make your day extra special. 😘🌈
  9. Hey you! Starting your day with a bunch of virtual kisses. 😘💕 Good morning!
  10. Morning, darling! A sprinkle of kisses to add sweetness to your day. 💋😊
look you are hot
look you are hot

Funny flirty good morning texts for her

  1. Good morning, sleeping beauty! 😴 I hope your dreams were as sweet as you. Ready to conquer the day together? 😘
  2. Rise and shine, lazyhead! ☀️ Just checking if the most stunning person I know is awake and ready to dazzle the world. 😄
  3. Morning, superstar! 🌟 Just a heads-up: my day started after I thought about you, so you’re basically my morning coffee. ☕😉
  4. Hey you, the early bird! 🐦 Just wanted to remind you that the second mouse gets the cheese, so take your time getting up. But seriously, I miss you already. 😄
  5. Good morning, troublemaker! 😏 I hope your day is as bright and cheerful as your smile. Warning: you might be causing excessive daydreaming on my end. 💭😘
  6. Morning, cutie pie! 🥧 If you were a cereal, you’d be “Flirt Loops” – part of a complete and balanced breakfast, with a side of charm. 😜
  7. Wakey-wakey, lovebug! 🐞 Just making sure you’re up to join the adventure of another day. Spoiler: it involves you being awesome and me trying not to be too obvious about my crush. 😅
  8. Good morning, partner in crime! 👯‍♂️ Ready for another day of stealing glances and making the world wonder what’s going on between us? 😎😉
  9. Morning, trouble in human form! 😈 Just a heads-up, your smile could cause global warming. 😁 Ready to face the day together and melt a few hearts? 💕
  10. Hey there, snoozer! 😴 If you were a cat, you’d be purr-fectly adorable even in the morning. Ready for a day filled with laughter and a sprinkle of flirtiness? 😺😘
texts to make her melt
texts to make her melt

Flirty good morning texts for him

  1. Sunrise Swoon: “The sun might be rising, but you’re the true light of my day. Good morning, handsome! ☀️”
  2. Dreamland Date: “Woke up with you on my mind. Guess who won the race between coffee and my daydreams about you? ☕️ Good morning, dreamboat!”
  3. Morning Motivation: “My morning mantra: Coffee, sunshine, and thoughts of your irresistible smile. Have a day as amazing as you are! “
  4. Missing You Much: “My bed feels extra empty this morning without you in it. Can’t wait to steal some cuddles (and maybe kisses) later. Good morning, babe! “
  5. Playing with Fire: “My heart’s racing faster than my morning coffee, thanks to you. Thinking of all the ways you make me melt. Good morning, hot stuff! “
  6. Sweet as Honey: “Just like my coffee needs sugar, my morning needs you. You’re the sweetest part of my day! ☕️ Good morning, love!”
  7. Flirty Forecast: “Today’s forecast: 100% chance of sunshine thanks to your smile, and a high chance of me thinking about you all day long. ☀️ Good morning!”
  8. Breakfast Invitation: “Pancakes are overrated without you by my side. Any chance you’d like to join me for some morning deliciousness? Good morning!”
  9. Stolen Kisses: “Sending you a virtual kiss to steal away your sleepy morning blues. Can’t wait to plant one on you for real later! Good morning!”
  10. Mystery Mission: “I have a top-secret mission for you: make my day amazing just by being you. Good morning, secret agent! “
  11. Adventure Awaits: “Let’s make today an adventure, like that time we… (insert inside joke here). Can’t wait to explore with you! Good morning, my partner in crime! “
  12. Music to My Ears: “Your voice is the only morning melody I need. Can’t wait to hear it say ‘good morning’ to me soon! Good morning!”
  13. Butterflies in Bloom: “Just thinking about you gives me butterflies for breakfast. Hope your day is filled with all the sweetness they bring! ☕️ Good morning!”
  14. Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: “Even the stormiest clouds can’t dim my sunshine when I’m thinking of you. Have a day as bright as your smile! ☀️ Good morning!”
  15. Counting Down the Minutes: “The clock is ticking slower than ever until I get to see your face again. Can’t wait to chase away the minutes with you! ⏱️ Good morning!”

Remember, the best flirty texts are the ones that come from the heart (and maybe with a dash of humor). So personalize these messages, add your own special touch, and watch his heart melt like butter on a hot morning toast!

Flirty good morning texts for her

  1. Sunrise Goddess: “Good morning, sunshine! The sun might be beautiful, but you outshine it every single day. ✨”
  2. Morning Dream: “Woke up with your smile dancing in my dreams. Can’t wait to make them a reality later. Sweet dreams, beautiful. “
  3. Coffee Cravings: “Just brewed a pot of coffee strong enough to fuel dreams of you all day. Care to join me for a caffeine cuddle session? ☕️ Good morning!”
  4. Missing You: “My morning routine feels incomplete without your infectious laugh. Can’t wait to steal you away for a breakfast adventure later! Good morning, miss sunshine! “
  5. Playful Challenge: “Challenge accepted: make your day brighter than my phone screen on maximum brightness. Game on, gorgeous! Good morning!”
  6. Sweet Surprise: “Sending you a virtual hug and a promise of a sweet surprise later. Just a little something to wake you up with a smile. Good morning! “
  7. Flower Power: “Woke up thinking of you, beautiful, like a flower blooming in the morning sun. Have a day as vibrant as your petals! Good morning!”
  8. Breakfast in Bed: “Pancakes are tempting, but scrambled eggs with you in bed sound ten times better. Any chance you’re free for breakfast in bed, darling? Good morning!”
  9. Stolen Kisses: “My morning coffee isn’t the only thing getting hot when I think about you. Can’t wait to steal a kiss and make your day sizzle! Good morning! “
  10. Musical Inspiration: “Your voice is my favorite morning melody. Can’t wait to hear it say ‘good morning’ to me soon! Good morning!”
  11. Sunshine After Rain: “Even the stormiest clouds can’t dim my sunshine when I’m thinking of you. Have a day as bright as your smile! ☀️ Good morning!”
  12. Counting Down the Seconds: “The clock is ticking slower than ever until I get to see your face again. Can’t wait to chase away the minutes with you! ⏱️ Good morning!”
  13. Mystery Text: “Just sent you a little something to sweeten your morning. Check your spam folder, you might find a surprise 😉 Good morning, my mysterious love! “
  14. Beach Daydreams: “Woke up dreaming of warm sand, sparkling waves, and you by my side. Beach plans soon, maybe? Good morning, beach babe! ️”
  15. Secret Admirer: “Someone woke up thinking you’re the most incredible woman in the world. Guess who? Good morning, beautiful stranger (soon to be not-so-stranger)! “

Remember, the most important ingredient in a flirty text is a sprinkle of your genuine affection and a whole lot of creativity! So make her heart melt with a personalized message that shows just how much you care.

Flirty good morning texts for your crush

  1. Good morning, sunshine! 🌞 Just wanted to brighten your day with a smile. 😊
  2. Rise and shine, gorgeous! 🌅 Thinking of you brightens up my mornings. 💖
  3. Good morning, cutie! 🌺 Hope your day is as amazing as your smile. 😘
  4. Hey there! 🌼 Just a reminder that you’re the best part of my mornings. ☕😊
  5. Good morning, handsome/beautiful! 😍 Wishing you a day as amazing as you are. 💕
  6. Morning, sweet thing! 🌈 My day gets a whole lot better when I start it thinking about you. 😘
  7. Hey, you! 🌞 Just wanted to send a little morning love your way. Have a fantastic day! 💖
  8. Good morning, my charming friend! 🌸 Here’s to a day filled with smiles and laughter. 😊
  9. Rise and shine, lovely! ☀️ Your presence makes every morning brighter. 😘
  10. Morning, crush! 🌼 Just wanted to let you know you’re on my mind, as always. 💕

Sweet Starts for Sleepyheads:

  • “Good morning, sunshine! You make waking up brighter than any sunrise.”
  • “My morning just got infinitely better now that you’re thinking of me. 😉 Wishing you a day as sweet as your smile.”
  • “I dream of you in color, but my mornings are black and white without you. Can’t wait to paint the town together later.”

For the Inner Charmer:

  • “My bed feels awfully empty this morning. Any chance you’d like to fill the void with your charming presence?”
  • “Just brewed a pot of coffee strong enough to fuel dreams of you all day. Should I leave a mug extra hot…just in case?”
  • “Warning: Sending you this text may cause involuntary smiling and uncontrollable blushing. Proceed with caution (and excitement).”

Adding a Touch of Spice:

  • “Woke up with a delicious reminder of last night…thinking of you in all the right ways. Have a day as tempting as you are.”
  • “The sun might be hot, but you set my temperature even higher. Can’t wait to cool down with you later.”
  • “My morning commute just got a whole lot sexier because I’m daydreaming about you. Get ready for a flirty surprise later.”
a warm hug to say take care my beest wishes are always with you
a warm hug to say take care my beest wishes are always with you
Flirty Good Morning Texts

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