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Your wife, girlfriend, or special lady in your life deserves a sweet good morning text or quote to wake up to. Here are some of our favorite good morning messages for her!

A good morning message for her is the perfect way to start the day. It shows that you care about her and that you want her to have a good day. A good morning message can be short and sweet or it can be long and romantic. No matter what she is sure to appreciate the gesture.

Whether you are looking for some female power and uplifting or just to send these to a loved one, send good morning text messages to her to make her day. In this article are different ideas and quotes that you can use to brighten and uplift your spirits or another’s spirits for the day.

Good Morning Message For Her to Make Her Smile

A good morning message for her is the perfect way to start the day. It shows that you care about her and that you want her to have a good day. A good morning message can be short and sweet or it can be long and romantic. No matter what she is sure to appreciate the gesture.

“Good morning beautiful. I hope you have a great day” “Good morning my love. I hope you have a wonderful day” “Good morning gorgeous. I hope you have a fabulous day”

good morning message for her to make her smile (1)
good morning message for her to make her smile (1)

“Good morning, beautiful”

“Good morning, my sweetheart”

“Good morning, my love”

“Rise and shine, babe”

“Good morning, boo, can’t wait to see you today”

“Good morning and have a nice day.”

“Wake up… a sweet morning is waiting for you.”

“Each morning we are born again.”

“Good morning, you are amazing.”

“Good morning, angel”

“Sun up, sweetie”


Start your day off right by sending your wife/girlfriend a flirty good morning text message! These beautiful romantic and cute good morning texts for her will help you start a great day for your girlfriend or wife and will let her know just how much you care.

good morning message for her to make her smile (6)
good morning message for her to make her smile (6)

“As I open my eyes each day, all I want to see is you.”

“I hope your morning is as bright and gorgeous as your smile.”

“The sun is up, the sky is blue, today is beautiful and so are you.”

“I just woke up and you’re already on my mind.”

“Good morning my angel, I hope your day is as lovely as you are.”

“Time to start the day, and see my amazing girlfriend/wife”

“Wishing a lovely day for a lovely girlfriend/wife”

Good morning beautiful. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

Hey gorgeous. Can’t wait to see you later. Have a great day!

I woke up thinking today was just another boring Monday and then I remembered I get to spend it with you. Yay!

I don’t care if we’re meeting face-to-face or not I’m still gonna flirt with you all day long.

You’re my reason for everything even when life gets tough and things get rough. Good morning my love!

When I Look Into Your Eyes, Baby!! Good Morning Text Messages For Her
When I Look Into Your Eyes, Baby!! Good Morning Text Messages For Her

Sweet and Cute Good Morning Texts

Meet a new day, sweetheart! I promise to fill it with my unconditional love, hours of laughter and endless happiness!

Wake up my love. Flowers, smiles and laughter are waiting for you.

Good morning, gorgeous. May your day begin with a smile and with happiness for your soul to embrace.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are mine, and I am yours. Every morning, that’s enough for me to have a great day.

Do you know why the sun rises every morning? Just to see your beautiful smile.

Only a few things are priceless for me in this world. One of them is seeing your smile every morning.

Good morning sunshine! I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Were You A Coffee Bean In Your Past Life?Sweet Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend
Were You A Coffee Bean In Your Past Life?Sweet Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend

Good morning, sweet face. I feel like you are the reward for everything I’ve done right in my life.

Good morning! I can’t wait to see you.

Whatever the morning brings, I hope it leads to an amazing day regardless! Good morning sunshine!

Good morning honey, I love you more than words can say. Have a wonderful day!

Good morning, babe! Get ready to take on the day!

Regardless of how today goes, knowing I get to see you later makes it all worth it.

Morning, cutie. You’re the reason I can start every day with a smile on my face.

Good morning, my love!

Hoping your morning is as radiant as you are.

Good morning! How did you sleep?

I think of you every morning and dream of you every night.

Enjoy your day, sweetheart.

I went to sleep dreaming of an angel. When I woke up this morning I was thinking of you.

Good morning to the person who never fails to make me smile.

I hope you slept well and are ready to tackle the day.

Rise and shine, my love.

Good morning honey! Starting the day with you makes everything feel better.

Your energy is unmatched, your smile lights up a room. Never forget how special you are. Good morning!

May this new day bring you endless miracles and blessings!

Good morning, sweetie! Thank you so much for being the best part of my life.

Good morning to the love of my life! Have an amazing day, sweets.

Just know that you always bring out the best in me. Good morning, sunshine!

I wake up each day more grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for choosing me.

You are the rainbow who fills my life with color. Good morning!

Good morning, my love. I still can’t understand why I deserve such happiness, but I thank God for you every day.


It’s always nice to wake up to a funny good morning text message from your loved one. It’s a great way to start the day off with a smile on your face. Here are some funny good morning text messages that you can send to your girlfriend or wife to make her laugh and start the day off right.

good morning message for her to make her smile (5)
good morning message for her to make her smile (5)

“Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all night”

“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakery, can’t wait to see you nakey”

“Pop a mint and come give me a kiss”

“Rise and shine now, bump and grind later”

“It was a beautiful morning but you wouldn’t know that because I texted you this two hours ago but and you’re just now waking up”

“You put your snooze button to good use, didn’t you?”


When it comes to good morning texts for her the options are endless. But whether you’re looking for something romantic funny or just plain sweet we’ve got you covered. Here are some good morning texts for her that will make her whole day brighter:

good morning message for her to make her smile (4)
good morning message for her to make her smile (4)

“I don’t care whether the sun rises or not, my morning starts only after I say that I love you a lot. Good morning.”

“In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning… your smile lights up the room. Your mind is insanely cool. You are way more than enough. And you are doing an amazing job at life.”

“Alarms can go off as loudly as they want. My day won’t start unless I hear your voice.”

“It’s time to wake up sleeping beauty. The world needs your warmth.”

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”“May you begin this day with a smile on your face, and with happiness for your soul to embrace. Good morning.”

“Sending you a little box of sunshine to brighten your day as you always brighten mine.”

“Each of my mornings is wonderful because I will spend the day with you.”

“Sending you millions of smiles! Take one each morning, because I want to see you smiling always. Have a blessed day.”

“I want this message to give your day a kick-start. For I have written it from the bottom of my heart. I want you to read it and feel terrific, I want it to make your day nothing less than fantastic. Good morning.”

“It may rain today, but who cares? I am with my sunshine. Good morning, I hope I made you smile.”

“Every morning is a symbol of rebirth in our life. So forget all yesterday’s bad moments and make today beautiful.”

“Flowers, smiles, and laughter are waiting for you.”

“Many beautiful things are waiting to welcome you to this new day.”

good morning message for her to make her smile (3)
good morning message for her to make her smile (3)


Here comes another sweet morning, bringing joy and happiness and one more opportunity to let you know that you always stay in my heart. Good morning, my queen.


I hope we gonna meet each day,
And if you think the same way
We gonna be together everyday.
Good morning sweetie.


I want to let you know that you’re on my mind, and I hope you have a great day, remember my words: “If you don’t have a great day, I won’t either!”


I never thought I would look at a girl and think: “wow, she’s even more beautiful when she’s sleeping!” Even though you cover your face in the morning, I still think you’re so attractive! Have a good day my dear!


Good morning my sweetie, I hope you have a good day!
May the sun shine on your beautiful face and keep you warm if I’m not there.


I love waking up next to you in the morning… to see your wonderful smile, magnificent eyes, and hear your voice saying: “good morning darling”.


Sometimes people are not supporting, missing, caring for each other and there is nothing even comparable in our relationship. To me you are the most precious person in a whole world. Good morning my love, I miss you so much.


The sun is already in the sky
Sending you a kiss and a very big smile,
Hope you get it every time,
When you wake up my darling,
Have a great day!


I’m coming to you with a first sun rays like a gentle breeze of the wind,
To tell how much I miss you and say you good morning my love.


You are like a candle in my life which touches and melts my heart every time then I wake up. Have a wonderful morning my dear.


Wake up my beauty
Morning sun is kissing your eyes,
I hope your day will be fine
I’m thinking of you all the time.


Sun rays are kissing your cheeks, wind is touching your skin, wake up my sweetie and have a beautiful day.


Let the morning sunlight paint a smile on your face,
Let the rainbow of joy fill your heart!
Have a beautiful day, my Love!


I’m sending you a million smiles,
Take one of them for today,
And keep doing this each morning,
Cause I wish to see you smiling every day, my sunshine!


I’d love to wake up every morning beside you,
kissing and saying “Good Morning, I love you.”


Just a thought of you makes me smile like an idiot. You make me feel like a fire, baby, make me blush like a kid, it feels like magic. May the new day bring you a lot of laughter and memorable moments. Love you endlessly!


Rise and shine, princess! Each and every morning I wake up and can’t believe that you are mine. I love and appreciate you so very much, baby, and I just wanted to remind you that as you take another sip of your morning coffee. Have a nice day, love!


Some people say that mornings can’t be good. But that’s just because they haven’t met you. You make my every morning a beautiful fairy tale, and I will do anything for you to feel the same way about me. Good morning, sunshine!

I wished you a lovely night rest and now I am wishing you a better morning. You are the best and will always be. Keep shining my lady!

I went to bed last night with a cool smile because I know you will feel my dreams….. But this morning I woke up with a smile because you were not a dream. Good morning my life!

Being in love with a pretty angel like you makes every morning worth longing for, every second spent with you my love is a second well spent. Good morning heartbeat!

My love, my heart, my joy, my all and everything, until we met and fell in love, the morning was never special. Now it’s one of my best moments to send you a lovely good morning message filled with much love.

As the cool morning breeze blows you and opens those beautiful eyes of yours, let my unblemished love put a soothing smile on your pretty face. Good morning darling.

I never thought that I will ever be in love again. I’m so happy that I met you, now my life is complete. Good morning my dear and I am wishing you an astonishing day.

The sun is almost up, maybe it is waiting for you to wake up.
I hope it shines and gives you kisses! Have a great day!

Good morning my sweetie, have a great day ahead. Big smile and everything turns out for you in a way you want.

Little by little the night is stepping back,
And the morning is kissing your cheeks.
Are you still sleeping? Life is waiting for you…
A warm smile is playing on your lips.
Good morning to you, my love.

Someone hugs you, but it’s not me – it’s morning…
Someone warms you, but it’s not me – it is the sun…
Someone miss you and love you,
But this is neither the morning nor the sun – that’s me.

Good morning, my sunshine, I hope your dreams were as sweet as you are.

Good Morning quotes for her about love and laughter

“I yawned and stretched luxuriously in the morning. I make noises when I stretch because it feels ten times better than stretching silently.” — Kevin Hearne

“Morning not only forgives, it forgets.” — Marty Rubin

“Every single day I wake up and make up my mind that I am going to work really hard. Then my mind laughs at me and says ‘Good joke.’ Then we laugh for some more time and I go back to bed.” — Gehenna Toss

“Mornings are almost clean slates. I say almost because the residue of yesterdays is sometimes stuck on them.” — Medeia Sharif

“Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.” — Glen Cook

“Sometimes I wake up and think I should start wearing a beret, but I don’t do it.” — Mitch Hedburg

“When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It’s all a matter of perspective.” — Harvey Mackay

“Morning will come, it has no choice.” — Marty Rubin

“Everyone should experience a sunrise at least once a day.” — Phil Dunphy

“Love is blind. Especially in the morning, because I can’t see a damn thing before having coffee.” — Aleksandra Ninkovic

Rise and Shine Good Morning quotes for Her to Inspire Her day

“Learn from yesterday, live for today.” — Albert Einstein

“I vow to live fully in each moment.” — Nhat Hanh

“You have to get up every morning and tell yourself ‘I can do this.’” — Julie Johnston

“The next morning dawned bright and sweet, like ribbon candy.” — Sarah Addison Allen

“How cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity under roses and violets and morning dew!” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning. That is special.” — Jennifer Aniston

“Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives.” — Terry Pratchett

“Did you think that I forgot you? Did you think I’m going away? Did you feel like I was don’t care for you? No. I am here to stay.” — Gary Lawyer

“The world is new to us every morning – and every man should believe he is reborn each day.” — Baal Shem Tov

“Every morning brings new potential, but if you dwell on the misfortunes of the day before, you tend to overlook tremendous opportunities.” — Harvey Mackay


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good morning message for her to make her smile (5)

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