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Birthday Wishes for Rockstar: Every set of friends and every family has that one member that was meant to be a Rockstar, that is born to be one. What matters the most is that you make that family member appreciated and make him or she feel that he or she can do anything because you are there to support. Now, it is very important not to forget the birthday of the said person.


Here are some happy birthday wishes for Rockstar that might just do the trick and help you out if you seem lost for words.

 Birthday wishes for Rockstar

Happy birthday Rockstar, may you keep on bringing us the joy and happiness you always do.

I would write you a song but you surely write better than me, have the best bday ever, boy.

You have a voice that can make millions of people listen, keep sharing your gift happy birthday!

Everyone in this room is aware of how talented you truly are, enjoy your life, have fun today.

Just like a diamond, you shine wherever you are placed, have fun on your big day and enjoy.

You are like a bright star whenever you are singing on the stage, happy birthday Rockstar!

Birthday Quotes,messages

Be happy and know that we are always here for you no matter what happens, our dear star.

You are one in a million and we thank the heavens you were born, enjoy your day and rock it.

Rock it out, that song especially today, your special day, just have fun and remember your life.

You are truly like the lights, that is how you shine and we wish you a happy birthday Rockstar.

Be grateful that you are alive today because that is just the best you can do, live it thoroughly.

There is not much I can say but that you make us all sing with all the songs that you sang.

You have been one of the best friends in my life and have continued inspiring me, happy birthday!

Happy birthday Rockstar we wish you all the best and that you may have a wonderful journey.

Your bday is one of the moments that should truly be celebrated so keep having fun now, girl.

Who said girls can’t be a Rockstar obviously haven’t met you, stay happy on your bday, dear.


You remained true to who you are and the rest is history, now you shine on stage so brightly.

Happy birthday Rockstar, the heavens are smiling upon you and we wish you will be just ok.

You may not be the most famous but to us you are the best, always, happy birthday Rockstar!

No one will know just what you are doing better than you do, so have the best day today too!

You mean a lot to me and you have me captivated by your voice already, go have fun today.

Another year has come and pass and still your words to me still lasts, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday Rockstar, you are truly spectacular and we are happy you were born today!

There is not a day you do not cross my mind and I am happy I get to be with you for a time.

I open my eyes to hear you singing and though you may lie, your music never does that to me.


Who can say that their best friend is a rock star, well I can and I am quite proud of it, buddy.

Today marks the beginning of your life years ago, it was great, Happy birthday Rockstar!

We should celebrate the fact that you are a rock star, come and I will show you just how to.

There is not much you can say but to remember that you are the one that matters to me, truly.

I love everything about you, your shoes, your attitude and I would love to keep you happy too.

Happy birthday Rockstar, who would have thought you would have come this far, no one did.

We have come to greet you some bday wishes we hope you will appreciate, thank you a lot.

You need not clean anything, just have some fun and enjoy what you have to do for now, babe.

They may not believe me but I know they one day will when they see you rocking out on the TV.

We always believed you can do it and now you did, here you are so Happy birthday Rockstar!

Never stop believing that you will make it throughout this, you need to do something for you.

There is nothing better than having something relaxing after you have worked hard enough.

Baby, you need to attend this party because it would not complete without you coz it’s yours.


Enjoy the moments before they pass you by, I hope you will appreciate everything that comes.

Happy birthday Rockstar, keep your dreams as high as you once did and keep soaring as well.

Happy birthday Rockstar, I know it was a hard and long road but now here you finally are.

No matter what you may hear from other people, you are still the only star for us, remember.

We have thrown you the best party and we hope that you will enjoy it so have fun today, boy.

Kid, who would have thought you would grow up to be who you are now, we are happy for ya.

You have already impressed us a lot you need not do more than that happy birthday Rockstar!

 birthday wishes for Rockstar


Let us keep on living the high life because you make us all believe that we can matter to you.

This is your special day and you deserve to celebrate it in the most special way, enjoy today.

The power of your voice is beyond all of us and we are just happy to have you here right now.

Happy birthday Rockstar, we miss you a lot this days, you are always in the limelight, really.

There is no better place but here and we are delighted to celebrate your big day with you now.

There is too short of time to rant so let us just keep living happily, we are so proud of you.

You are our star and look just how bright you are, you are truly amazing, you dazzle us a lot.


Happy birthday Rockstar, always remember that we will always just be here for you, okay?

Life is always going to be too short for those who worries so just live this life happily, star!

We will keep supporting and loving you all thru our lives, so believe us when we say this.

We can make things even louder for you here if you allow us so let us celebrate this big day.

There is no better gift than you being born, thank you so much and happy birthday Rockstar!

Stay true to yourself and keep feeling young because you are and coz we truly love you a lot.

You are not only in our memory but of thousands of people, what a rocker you are, babe.


The years have passed and still you remain in everyone’s hearts, they are waiting for you still.

Happy birthday Rockstar, we love singing along to your voice on the television, remember it.

There is no better way to say it than to give you a rocker cake and let you blow on it today!

You have the voice and it has taken you this far, we love it as well, happy birthday Rockstar!

That youth and freedom is still on your voice so keep singing and celebrate your birthday.

We decided to throw the biggest and party for our dear Rockstar and that is for you, our love.

There are a lot of people who idolize you simply because you are the best there ever was.


Happy birthday Rockstar, may you keep on flourishing and just being you all throughout life.

We will keep on cheering from the backstage until today, for today is your big day, enjoy it so.

The best time of your life is here, on tour with your bandmates, let us rock and let us roll too.

There is no better way to celebrate your life than to never let anyone cut your wing as you fly.

Happy birthday Rockstar, enjoy what you have and keep on having those big dreams as well.

You have my word, the world belongs to you today so do whatever you want to do with life.

The world belongs to those who have the courage to own it like you do, so have a good life!


Have the happiest day today and just live in the moment and let yourself relax, you can do it.

Happy birthday Rockstar, never settle for less than the best, you deserve everything you do.

If you keep on telling yourself you can do it, eventually you will really be able to achieve it.

There will be some struggles along the way but you will get over that too, if you trust you.

Never let anything stop you from doing the things that you want, you will be able to do this.

All that we wish you now is that you will be happy on the day you were born, you deserve to.

There is no one happier than us because we are able to see you grow to what you are now.


We are proud of you and we hope that you will never forget that, we love you as well, okay?

For now, just believe us and trust yourself, you can do great things as long as you wish to.

Have fun today and remember that you can be anyone you want to be, happy bday to you!

There is no one else I know who is born to be a star than you are, have a merry bday, love.

When things are in chaos, what you need to do is to thrive in it, enjoy your big day, dear.

You need to lighten up and drink some beer, here’s a toast to you and your birth date, star.

You are not just one in a million but one in a billion and I hope you know we appreciate yo

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