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Merry Christmas Eve Wishes: Christmas Eve is a joyful celebration. Send New special Merry Christmas Eve wishes and messages to your friends and family. Such messages convey the warm and special Christmas eve wishes to your friends and family and lovers. You can send gifts along with these Merry Christmas wishes and messages.


 The best moment to spend with your loved one is Christmas Eve. To be able to share the table and have warm food and feast upon it with your family, to be able to drink a cup of hot cocoa with the person you love is practically some of the best ways to spend this evening. In the presence of a person important to you, to spend Christmas with warmth and love is the best way to do so.

New Special Merry Christmas Eve Wishes and Messages

best wishing for a happy christmas
best wishing for a happy Christmas

– “Christmas is my favorite holiday as I get to spend beautiful moments with my loved ones. I hope you have a nice time and may the Lord bless your home.”

– “Happy Christmas to all my loved ones, I hope that this celebration brings peace and hope to our lives and motivates us to always express our best feelings.”

– “This special Christmas greeting is for all my friends and family, you are the most important people in my life and because of that reason I ask God to bless you all. I wish you all the best!”

– “I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope you get to think about the importance of baby Jesus’ birth for humanity. I send a big hug to everyone.”

– “The Christmas spirit is strong and the smallest ones in the house are the most excited, let them rub their joy and innocence to us so that we can remember the most beautiful moments of our childhood.”

– “The love of God was manifested when he sent his son to earth to give his life for us, we should always remember that, especially for this holiday season. I wish you the best!”

– “I love Christmas as it is a time in which we get to think about our lives and the most beautiful feelings come to the surface, so we enjoy peace and happiness.”

– “Let us make the most out of Christmas holidays by putting a halt to all our activities and dedicating more time to our loved ones, as they are the most important people for us in the whole world.”

– “I am moved when I think of baby Jesus’ birth, his parents brought him into this world in harsh conditions, but despite the difficulties they always stuck together as a family, let us follow their great example.”

– “My wish for this Christmas is that we think of someone we have not seen for a while and we go visit him or her, it is a nice gesture that that person will never forget.”

– “I send this nice Christmas greeting to all the people who are part of my life, it is not by chance that we got to know each other, it is God who placed us in the same path. I wish you all the best!”

– “May peace and harmony be present this Christmas in every home now and throughout the year, as those are wonderful feelings.”

– “The birth of baby Jesus happened in very poor conditions, but that does not matter as the most important things are not material, they are the love and joy present in your home.”

– “Tonight at midnight hug everyone in your family and thank God for letting you have one more Christmas with them.”

– “For this to be a real Christmas Eve, open your heart and welcome baby Jesus with all your family.”

– “Have a Christmas full with peace and love tonight. Express your love for those around you who make you happy.”

– “Merry Christmas Eve. From my heart, I hope tonight is wonderful for you and the rest of the world.”

– “Today is Christmas Eve. Today baby Jesus comes to this world once again to give love and happiness to all who believe in him. Merry Christmas.”

– “Let this Christmas Eve help forget quarrels and conflict. Today we all are brothers and sisters. Merry Christmas to all.”

– “This Christmas Eve we should all feel fortunate to have our family around a table to share. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.”

– “A Merry Christmas to all my friends. I hope this Christmas Eve each of your homes welcomes Christmas.”

– “This Christmas I feel glad to have friends who love me and a united family. A big hug to all and be happy this Christmas Eve.”

– “After being abroad for a long time, I have learned nothing is more valuable than spending special days with family. A Merry Christmas Eve to all.”

– “May Christmas get to all of you and baby Jesus spill his blessings on the hearts of the people you all love. Merry Christmas Eve.”

– “May all people in this world find peace and love in their fellow people. Merry Christmas.”

– “Hurray for Christmas, because it is the day when beautiful things happen and love and friendship reign. Merry Christmas to all my friends.”

– “Look forward to Christmas Eve like you did when you were a little child and you will understand the real meaning of Christmas. Do it and have a merry Christmas Eve with your family.”

There is no better gift you can make to your loved ones on this Christmas than sharing with them unforgettable moments of happiness.

Merry Christmas Eve Wishes for Friends

  • Wishing you on Christmas Eve, joy and happiness and May you be blessed with peace, love, and joy. Have a merry Christmas Eve celebration.
  • Christmas Eve is a time to celebrate with your friends and family. May the peace and joy that Christmas brings always be with you and your family. Have a blissful Christmas Eve.
  • May the good times of the present become golden moments of tomorrow. May God make your life colorful, magnificent and joyful. Have a great time and wishing you a happy Christmas Eve.
  • As the magic of Christmas spreads on you, may the spirits of Christmas bring you peace and warmth of Christmas grant you love. Celebrate this day when Jesus was born. Have a joyful Christmas Eve.
  • Hope this Christmas Eve fills your heart with love of God and may God turns your dreams into reality. Wish you a very sparkling Christmas Eve.

Genuine Merry Christmas Eve Wishes and Messages

Wish this Christmas eve brings for you this gifts of happiness, good health and joy!
Wish this Christmas Eve brings for you this gifts of happiness, good health, and joy!
  • I want you to know that spending this evening with you is one of the best gifts I can ever have.
  • Christmas Eve is complete as long as I am able to stay by your side second of that very night.
  • Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart, may you always be happy!
  • All I really want for Christmas is to be able to hold you tight and love you all through it.
  • I will stay until tomorrow, I will be here until you let me, so let me be with you this Christmas.
  • I wish that this Christmas becomes one of the best so that you never ever get to forget me.
  • Warm greetings from me and I hope you and your family are doing well this Christmas Eve.
  • This is an evening for adventure, for things that will always be happy and exciting, enjoy!
  • Keep your eyes open for surprised because this Christmas will surely be the best one ever!
  • I love you and I love the fact that I get to spend this year’s Christmas evening with you, love.
  • There is so much more than I am expecting and I love every second of this evening with you.
  • You are the best gift for Christmas that I can ever and that I have ever received in my life.
  • What did I ever do in my past life to deserve to be with someone as lovely as you?
  • If I were to choose between spending Christmas with you or Disneyland, I’d choose you.
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole Christmas life, my dear.
  • I love the way you tell me, Merry Christmas in a whisper, telling me all of your secrets.
  • Pour it to me, give me all the happiness in the world because I love this Christmas, ever.
  • You make me happy, you make me rethink what Christmas really means, thank you for that.
  • Merry Christmas, you do not know how much you have changed me throughout the years.
  • This is probably the best Christmas ever because I get to spend it with my favorite person.
  • Let me tell you that nothing is ever going to change between us that is how much I care.
  • Christmas is the best time of the year, there are brilliant lights everywhere I look.
  • The Christmas eve makes people all giddy and hopeless romantics, such a fine view.
  • Christmas Eve is the night I have been waiting for all year to be able to spend it with you.
  • Let the joy of Christmas be in the hearts of everyone in this world, now and forever.
  • There are moments such as Christmas eve that I miss you the most, your warmth and you.
  • You have the most amazing smile and I cannot wait for Christmas Eve to see it once again.

Best Merry Christmas wishes

christmas eve
christmas eve
  • My family is probably the best gift that God has ever given to me this Christmas Eve to come.
  • I hope that I would be able to celebrate Christmas Eve together with my family until it lasts.
  • The happy moments of Christmas Eve together with my family are truly unforgettable.
  • It was like this, me and you, together forever, so many Christmas eves has passed us by.
  • You will always be my favorite gift every Christmas Eve there ever will be in my life.
  • There are times when I have to choose what I want and what I need, I choose you.
  • Christmas Eve is best spent with the one you love, I am glad I get to spend it with you, now.
  • No matter what happens in our lives, I hope you remain together with me every Christmas Eve.
  • I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you being there for me every Christmas Eve.
  • You are such a stress reliever in my life, you bring me peace, joy and love every Christmas.
  • Thank you for loving me and for telling me that I am a part of your family, every single day.
  • I want to tell you that I appreciate the fact that you never left me alone every Christmas Eve.
  • The fact that you are here in this Christmas season means so much to me, more than you know.
  • I am sending you some hugs and kisses from me because you make me happy every Christmas.
  • There are things that need not a word to be done and spending Christmas with you is one.
  • Christmas is the only time our families get united together so might as well make the best of it.
  • Merry Christmas to you, I hope you know I still think of you every second of the day until now.
  • You will always be the best Christmas gift for me, now until the day, I stop believing in it.
  • When you love someone, you want to spend your Christmas with them, wrapped in that person.
  • I can barely imagine what is happening in this world, you and me on Christmas Eve.
  • I cannot fathom a Christmas eve that is happy if you are not in it with me that night.
  • All I ever wanted to do is to spend Christmas together with you, to be able to hold you.
  • In my arms is where I will hold you, in your arms is where I want to be this Christmas Eve.
  • Ever since Christmas Eve drew near, I can see the fuss of all the children every night.
  • You know Christmas Eve is near when all children talk about is the present they will get.
  • Being away from your family on Christmas Eve feels like a knife to the heart, it hurts so much.
  • Christmas is the season for sharing and so I want to share with you all of these feelings I have.
  • Please remember that I will always be here for you no matter what happens, Merry Christmas!
  • Have a jolly Christmas and enjoy your day while it lasts and looks forward to the next year!
  • Do you know that I count the days until Christmas because I know I’ll be with you once more?
  • Out of the holidays in this world, Christmas is the one that is the most important to me.
  • I love going out, laying on the snow and just doing my best to have fun every Christmas.
  • There is not one thing I hate about Christmas, I actually love everything about it, you know.
  • Christmas Eve is the time to reunite with family and spend some time making new memories.
  • Someday, I will get to spend not just Christmas Eve with you but every day of our lives.
  • Now that you are here, my Christmas Eve just got even happier and funnier, I love you!
  • I would willingly sacrifice all that I have if that means I get to spend Christmas Eve with you.
  • Christmas is the only holiday that makes friends out of enemies and spread the love.
  • I love Christmas, I love the gifts, I love the essence, and I love its simplicity and warmth.
  • The best Christmas in the world is the one that I have spent together cuddled up with you.
  • My family is practically so busy but when Christmas Eve comes, we all gather together.
  • I love the way you smile at me every Christmas Eve as if greeting me silently with it.
  • Do you know that you are my favorite Christmas gift? You are my only wish for this holiday.
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank God for this Christmas.
  • It was Christmas when we met and that is something I will never forget, forever, my love.
  • I was happy the moment you have told me we would be together this Christmas, I was ecstatic.
  • Christmas Eve is sacred, it is something you would want to spend together with the person you love and care about.

Awesome Happy Christmas Wishes and Messages

Cute Christmas eve messages

  • Some Christmas Eve where lonely but now that you are here, this will be the happiest ever.
  • There will always be times where I just want to give up and forget Christmas but it is hard.
  • Soon it will be Christmas, it will be another day full of fun and joy, together with family.
  • When Christmas comes to mind, I think of all the things that I had ever fallen in love with: you!
  • You are the most important person to me and I am glad that I am able to touch and hold you.
  • Christmas is the time when you remember the people who are truly important to you.
  • You are the best thing that has ever been delivered in my door, this Christmas Eve.
  • I wish every day was Christmas Eve so I would get to spend every day of my life with you.
  • Christmas gives people the courage to forgive and to be happy, that is the real magic.
  • It is full of magic, Christmas that is, it suddenly makes you happy than annoyed and confused.
  • Christmas is the only season wherein a lot of people are looking for the right gift.
  • There is no right or wrong gift, what matters is that things are better now this Christmas.
  • Just forget about everything else, spend Christmas with me and let’s live happily!

The Best Merry Christmas wishes quotes with Images

  • I do not believe in happily ever after’s but seeing Christmas in your eyes makes me want to believe.
  • There is nothing wrong in being in fear, as long as you learn to get over it, Christmas can be the right time to do so.
  • Love is present at Christmas, it is one of the best media there ever is in this world.
Merry Christmas Eve wishes
Merry Christmas Eve wishes

Merry Christmas Eve wishes: We hope these New Special Merry Christmas Eve Wishes and Messages to send to those who are part of your life, serve to express your good feelings. If you like to send more Christmas wishes, Read our other collections and chose your favorite wishes, quotes, cards, images, messages to send.

Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages with Cool Images

Merry Christmas Eve wishes

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